2 weeks ago, Riverbed released a new product called Alluvio IQ. In today’s email, I’d like to briefly explain what Alluvio is and how the new IQ product fits into the big picture.

Riverbed evolution

Many know Riverbed as a specialist in WAN optimization. Over the past few years, WAN or Internet connections have become wider, more stable and less expensive. The WAN optimization products are still a big part of Riverbed’s business, but Riverbed is also evolving and has invested a lot in their monitoring platform over the last years. Known as SteelCentral, the monitoring product portfolio includes network performance monitoring tools such as AppResponse and NetProfiler.

SteelCentral becomes Alluvio

The SteelCentral products have now been brought together with the user experience solution Aternity, which has operated as an independent spin-off from Riverbed in recent years, under a new brand called Alluvio. Alluvio includes as its basis the monitoring solutions that have been available for years for the areas of:

  • End User Experience Monitoring (Alluvio Aternity EUEM) 
  • Application Performance Monitoring (Alluvio Aternity APM) 
  • Real User Monitoring & Synthetics Testing (Alluvio User Journey Intelligence) 
  • Network Performance Monitoring (Alluvio NetProfiler & Alluvio AppResponse) 
  • Infrastructure Monitoring (Alluvio NetIM) 

Alluvio thus covers all perspectives (user > application > server > infrastructure) and is thus also called Unified Observability. However, observability also means that you don’t just do pure monitoring, but actively work with the data. On the one hand, this means that the data is processed differently for different users and analyzed automatically. On the other hand, the insights gained are used to automatically perform activities on the end device, for example, to eliminate a problem.

A platform for all perspectives

To be able to analyze the data from the different perspectives together (cross-domain), we have developed a new Alluvio SaaS platform. This platform can display data as a dashboard (the former SteelCentral portal) and to work with the data. This platform gets new functionalities through appropriate add-ons. One of the first add-ons is Alluvio IQ.

Alluvio Platform

Alluvio IQ is designed to simplify the analysis of problems. While the classic approach needed a dedicated dashboard for a person/role where the expert could dig through the data, Alluvio IQ is designed automatically to gather the right data and make it available in a dynamic view to the person/role. The knowledge of the experts can be incorporated into Alluvio IQ in the process by low-code.

The video below shows in a little more detail the new way Alluvio IQ works.

Do you want to learn more about Alluvio? Just take a look at our website. Like what you see and want to try it out for yourself? Download your free trial here and experience it firsthand, or talk to us if you have any questions.