Recap Riverbed EmpoweredX Event: Observability data supports multiple business initiatives

  • October 4, 2023

End of September, I had the pleasure of presenting at the large Riverbed EmpoweredX event in France. Our marketing department has chosen a beautiful location in the Champagne vineyards for the Central European event. 

Observability data is mostly used within IT departments for technical aspects such as troubleshooting. At our EmpoweredX event, I went in a different direction in my presentation: Cost Optimization and Sustainability

How Observability Data supports Cost Optimization?

How many companies currently have tight budgets and need to be cost-effective. Observability data e.g. from the desktop environment can help to actively save costs:

  • License Recovery: Is an application installed on a user really in use, or can it be deactivated automatically and thus save license costs? (
  • Smart Hardware Refresh: Traditionally, terminal equipment is replaced every 3–4 years. Is this really necessary, or can the investment be delayed or reduced? (
  • Intelligent IT Automation: Observability data can identify known issues and fix them automatically, so fewer IT tickets are opened and users are less frustrated.

These are just a few examples of how observability data from IT can be used to make IT operations more efficient and user-friendly.

Observability drives Sustainability projects

A new use case for Observability is Sustainability. Many companies are implementing Sustainability initiatives just to comply with legal regulations, but also to save energy costs. A big challenge is the lack of accurate and reliable data for a calculation, especially from IT.

Many of the Sustainability Officer’s questions can be answered within minutes with Observability data:

  • How many desktop PCs and laptops do we have in each country?
  • How long do the computers run on average, and are they switched off at night?
  • How many emails are sent or even printed out?
  • Which application generates the most network traffic?
  • How many pages are actually printed or only saved as a digital copy (PDF)?

Find out more about the Observability capabilities in the Sustainability area in our on-demand webinar.