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New Alluvio Use Case Explainer Videos published – Aug 2023

  • September 12, 2023

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started summarizing actual use cases into short explainer videos. The first videos are now published.

What is Observability? A CPU Monitoring Example

In the past, people liked to use CPU utilization as a reference for the user experience. The CPU was simply monitored as part of the monitoring process. Today, observability can make the user experience visible.

Observability Data used for Vulnerability visibility

In August 2023, two security vulnerabilities in Intel and AMD CPUs became known. Alluvio Aternity can use Observability data to visualize the extent of the affected systems. The video briefly explains the vulnerability and what the Aternity Dashboard looks like.

Observability for Sustainability: Runtimes

Sustainability managers in companies need precise data for their calculations, e.g. how many end devices of which types are operated in which countries. Another important question is how long the devices run on average. Alluvio Aternity provides the insights for this.