Probably the strongest Aternity feature is DXI. DXI allows technical data to be processed for managers and thus quickly determine what is going well in the company and where further enhancements are needed. The next step is to compare your own data with the performance of other Alluvio customers.

To better explain DXI at events, we have developed a DXI simulator that allows you to calculate a DXI score from surveys and present it in the same way Aternity presents IT performance for enterprises.

At our Alluvio IQ Launch event in Germany, we will use the DXI Simulator for the first time. We will let our participants taste different types of chocolate. Beforehand, we have already entered the objective data (e.g. sugar content) of the chocolate varieties into the DXI Simulator. Our participants now have to enter the subjective data (e.g. taste). Both together are then displayed as a DXI score.

The original DXI is currently using only objective data to present the technical data to managers. But the new DXI simulator allows us now to create interesting and interactive presentations at events. He helps the participants to understand, how Alluvio Aternity is transforming hard technical data to easy consumable views.