Aternity started at the beginning of 2021 a project called “Customer Value Framework” (CVF). The CVF defines the journey of ours customers: from the interaction with Sales and Pre-Sales, the implementation experience with our Professional Services and the ongoing work with the Customer Success teams.

As Director of Pre-Sales in Europe, I was responsible for ensuring that the LiveDemo fit into the overall CVF picture. Previously, the demo focused on the technical use cases. However, the CVF is built on the business value, so the demo has to cover this as well. To achieve this goal, we developed a LiveDemo UI that provides our sales and pre-sales teams with a simple talk track for a demo that is aligned with the CVF. At the same time, it is still flexible enough to cater to the needs of the customers.

The Sales and Pre-Sales teams at Aternity have already had excellent experiences with the new LiveDemo. During the merger with Riverbed, the LiveDemo UI was the entry point for onboarding Riverbed Sales and Pre-Sales.

We have therefore decided to make the new LiveDemo available to partners as well. Nikolas Jung has already presented the new environment to a group of partners at our German Alluvio Brand launch event, last week. Simply contact your Partner Manager or Pre-Sales to get access to the CVF LiveDemo.